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Toiletries and Personal Care

Non-alcohol Nano Hand Sanitizer

Nanopac Hand SanitizerNANOPAC Non-alcohol Nano Hand Gel Sanitizer consists of nanosized hybrid materials and a special blend of moisturizers. It has anti-bacteria properties that protects your hands by sterilizing 99.99% harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and virus. It also gives longer protection unlike conventional sanitizer. The hand gel is non oily and will leaves no sticky residue, thus is comfortable to skins.

This product is available in two types: alcohol–based and non-alcohol based.

Nanogold Soap Bar

NANOPAC Nanogold Soap are functional soaps containing nano-noble metals, collagen and chitosan. It formulated to protect your face and skin by sterilizing 99.99% harmful bacteria. It also has strong anti-oxidation properties which helps to preserve young look. In addition, it also gives excellent moisturizing effects to make skin soft, smooth and revitalized.


Nano Liquid Hand Soap

NANOPAC Nano Liquid Handsoap is the new generation of hand soap. It possess strong anti-bacteria properties is specially formulated to protect your skin from infection and disease agents such as bacteria and fungus. It not only keep your hand clean and germ-free but also keep the skin soft and moisturized. It poses no risk to skin allergy effect due to its mild formulation, instead it gives extra comfort feel to your skin. Nanopac Nano Luquid Handsoap is currently available in two fragrances: Lavender-fragrance and Milky Soft-fragrance.

Nano Fabric Detergent

NANOPAC Fabric Detergent Is formulated to reduce bacteria-causing odors and leave clothes smelling fresh. The nano-hybrid particles penetrate deep into the pores of fabric to sterilize bacteria and remove tough stain. This laundry detergent also has de-odorization effect and removes bad odor from fabric. Instead, it leaves fresh and pleasant fragrance to fabric. It is suitable for both machine and hand wash.


Nano Fabric Softener

NANOPAC Nano Fabric Softener is a new hygienic fabric softener that contains hundreds of billion of nano-sized hybrid particles to sterilize up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria. It not only provides irresistible softening power to silky smooth fabric but also contains anti-static formula which reduce wrinkles and makes fabric easy for ironing. Nanopac Nano Fabric Softener also provide fresh and pleasant fragrance to fabric.