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About Us

We, Nanopac Innovation are a team of highly committed, experienced and qualified Nano-Technology engineers, pursuing a wide range of capabilities of Nano-Technology manufacturing as well as the skills and approvals to design, test and certify. We lead the industry by providing high quality, value added technology based solutions.

We change the Surface Chemistry of any materials with Nanotechnology We innovate technologies in Particle Therapy medical, agricultural, environment engineering and market development.

We pair superior technologies that meet customers’ requirements with exceptional high value of customer care for a worldwide customer base. We focus on technological advancement to build to be the most advanced nanotechnology, configuring to integrate technologies upgrades stemming from our Particle Therapy Research and development relationships.

Our experienced leaders is our key to our success, we assembled a strong executive team with extensive experience in large scale project management, technological development, finance, business development and management.


Who is Nanopac Innovation

Chairman – Dr. Lee Tai KyuChairman (Nanopac Korea) – Dr. Lee Tai Kyu, is a Korean. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of New Mexico, USA and Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Yonsei University, Korea. From 1989 to 2001, he was appointed as a lecturer and a joint professor in various Korean universities.

In 1998, he was posted as the Head of Ptotocatalysis and Photoelectrochemistery Research Centre and subsequent to that, he was elected as Director of the New and Renewable Energy Research Department of Korean Institute of Energy Research (“KIER”).

At present, he is the Chairman of Nanopac Korea. Dr. Lee was named as an “Excellent Researcher” by KIER in 1990 and 1997 and by the Dong-A IIbo, a Korean national daily newspaper, in 1995. He was awarded the “Brilliant Research” title by the Korean Ministry of Science and Technology in 1997 and his paper was acknowledged as an “Excellent Published Research Paper in Korea” in 1991. Up until now, Dr. Lee has filed for nine patents under his name.


Chief Executive Officer - Dato` Dr. Cheng Kok LeongChief Executive Officer (Nanopac Malaysia) – Dato’ Dr. Cheng Kok Leong, is a Malaysian, who also the founder of the company Nanopac Malaysia. He is a technopreneur, with more than 25 years of experience in starting up and managing high end technology companies.  

Majoring in Business Computing/Science, graduated from Hales, Australia and obtained his professional degree in Computer Science from reputable IT professional body in the United Kingdom - The British Computer Society. Awarded by the International Royal Academy of United Nations for the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy.

He has won numerous of national and international medals for his inventions and products, namely for e-Cool, e-Light, Smart Strip and i-Flash. In 2009, he led Nanopac Malaysia into winning the award “SME 100 Fastest moving companies” and “Best Business Partner” Award by Hitachi. As of to-date, he owned 4 patents and 1 trademark. 


Chief Project/ Technical/ Manufacturing Officer – Mr Woo Sug YoonChief Project/ Technical/ Manufacturing Officer – Mr Woo Sug Yoon is a Korean, who has 12 years experiences in synthesis of Nanotechnology materials including Nano Solar materials and Nano Functional materials. Obtained his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Yonsei University.