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Company Profile

Incorporated on November 2003, a Joint-Venture between Dr. Lee (the founder) and Malaysian Partners.

  • Principle Activities: Engaged in research & development, manufacturing and distribution of Nanotechnology and Photocatalyst technology products.

  • Investment plan : RM8 Millions

  • First setup Research and Development facilities and plant in Asia – Malaysia

  • Technology owner of Nanotechnology and Photocatalyst technology product.

  • Granted High-Tech Pioneer Status from MITI (Ministry of Trade Malaysia) in Oct 2004.

    • EON approved Nanopac Automotive Product and was appointed distributor in November 2004. 12 EON outlets in Klang valley were role out as distributions center in March 2005.

    • Obtained Letter of Intend from OYL Manufacturing to develop new HVAC filters using Nanopac Solution for York & Acson Air Conditioners in Nov 2004.

    • Secured and produced Nanosilver and Nanophotocatalyst filter for 1st Japanese MNC (Multi-National Companies) in Thailand in Dec 2004.

    • Secured and produced OYL filters for Acson - 1st PP Filter using Nanopac Product in May 2005.

    • Secured and produced Super Nano-Titianum Filter for 2nd Japanese MNC (Multi-National Companies) in Malaysia in Nov 2005.

    • Secured and produced Hybrid Nanosilver Master Batch Resin for 3rd Japanese MNC (Multi-National Companies in Vietnam in Nov 2006

    • Successfully produced 1st Pilot Project – Nano-Incinerator in Thailand in 2007. Technology collaboration with Thai partner.

    • Secured a Technology Acquisition Contract valued US$3 million for 3rd R&D and Plant in Middle-East in 2007.

    • Secured and produced Nano-Fan material for Malaysian Public Listed Company in May 2008.

    • Founder Dr. Lee elected Chairman for International Standard Organization (ISO) for Nano-Materials 2006-2010

    • Implemented Melaka Hospitals – Nano-Hepa Filtration System in 2008.

    • Received SME100 Award 2009: Fast Moving Companies in June 2009.

    • Completed Nano-Hygiene Coating Project on 100 ambulances for Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2009.

    • Completed Nano-Hygiene Wall Treatment Project to overcome fungus outbreak in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital in Aug 2009.

    • MoU signing for collaboration in R&D in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology with the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 2009.

    • Signing of Strategic Alliance Agreement with UNIK (Unit Inovasi Khas) to develop, manufacture and market Nanopac Nano Solar Cell in April 2010 and witnessed by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak. The project was known as ‘Electricity from Every Window: Harnessing Light Energy’ and was one of the main project of New Wealth Creation & Ecosystem Initiatives through Innovation.

    • Launching of nanotechnology-enhanced and medical grade toiletries and personal care products such as non-alcohol nano hand sanitizer, nano hand soap, nano laundry detergent, nano fabric softener, etc. during early of the year 2011.

    • Obtained license from Hasbro to produce and market TRANSFORMERS licensed products such as TRANSFORMERS Nano Shower Gel, TRANSFORMERS Nano Shampoo and TRANSFORMERS Travel Pack in 2011.

    • MoU signing with UKM Tech to manufacture and distribute Nanopac nano-based products in May 2011.

    • Received 2011 Refrigerant Year Business Partners' Award from Hitachi Air Conditioning Products (HAPM).