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Application Field of Nanopac Products

Nanopac products are suitable for many applications such as at hospitals, anti-bacteria, anti-fungus and disinfection. For use on HVAC filters to improve on air quality for air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. Agriculture fertiliser and in commercial application. 

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Commercial Application

Nanopac commercial applications are based upon a patented, award-winning technology and offer a highly effective combination of benefits, which include thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, moisture resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, and lead encapsulation.

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Building Construction Material

Nanotechnology is now being applied to construction materials. It's a relatively new science, but one that's already impacting the manufacture of building materials you're familiar with: glass, steel, concrete, coatings and even wood. Mixing nanotech particles with these materials produces an array of beneficial effects.

From making concrete and glass that's fire-protective, to giving strength to wood and steel at much lower densities, and even making our glass and cement self-cleaning, nanotechnology is helping us build a safer, cleaner and more efficient world.

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Hospital & Medical Lamp

Nanotechnology in the form of silver nanoparticles will provide protection against drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals, protecting patients and staff through anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, De-VOC and De-Odor properties.

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HVAC Filter

Nano-Hepa A1 Nanopac Filter Nano-Hepa PP Filter Nano Carbon Filter Nano Photocatalytic Filter
Nano-Hepa Al Filter
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • De-VOC
  • De-Odor
Nano-Hepa PP Filter
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • De-VOC
  • De-Odor
Nano Carbon Filter
  • De-VOC
  • De-Odor
Nano-photocatalytic Filter
  • Anti-Bacteria
  • De-VOC
  • De-Odor

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Textiles are not only for the fashion conscious - they have important applications in the aerospace, automotive, construction, healthcare and sportswear industries. Already on the market are socks and leisurewear with embedded nanoparticles that combat odour through killing bacteria – and this capability has been extended successfully to wound dressings.

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Nano coating solution :

Function : de-VOCs / de-odor, anti-bacteria, fungicidal
Coating Method : spray coating
Drying Condition : room temperature, 30min

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The agricultural sector will benefit greatly from nanotech-based tools to detect diseases in a rapid manner, improve the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and promote molecular treatment of diseases.

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