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Commercial Application

Nanopac commercial applications are based upon a patented, award-winning technology and offer a highly effective combination of benefits, which include thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, moisture resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, and lead encapsulation.


Commercial Application

Aluminum Fin
Before NANOPAC treatment
Contact angle: 82°
After NANOPAC treatment
Contact angle: ~5°
Automotive Air-Con Evaporator
Laminated Anti-Bacteria Pallets

Benefit :

» Kills germs, bacteria and viruses (99.9% effectiveness against 650 pathogens).
» Inhibit and prevent growth of algae, fungi, and molds. 
» Non-toxic, environmental friendly.
» Deodorization (eliminate strong odour and smell)
» Low maintenance, strong oxidation decomposition.
» Durable, 1 application last for years.