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WNEC Foundation

The International Nanopac Group, an affiliated charitable foundation of the world's new energy, is established to solve human energy issues and to promote world peace. World’s natural energy resources are reducing nowadays due to the continuous wars of fighting over them between countries; in addition, the environmental pollution caused by oil, coal and nuclear power have been harmful for human beings. However, the leading nano solar technology researched & developed by Nanopac Group, will replace a lot of electricity consumptions in the industries of: lighting, automobiles, television, computers, mobile phones, national defense systems etc. it is another revolutionary progress of human technology. The Foundation would like every one living on this earth to care and concern about energy issues, as well as the death and poverty cause by those competitions of energy resources. We hope to contribute and dedicate to the world peace; we wish to build more research plants and factories around the world, continuously contributing the essence of nano solar technology to the benefit the society, and care for a better world.