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Products / Technologies


In 2010, the company have developed a novelty material using our core Technology to produce the latest generation of Nano Solar Panel. It does not use conventional materials or toxic materials or depleting materials. It was developed using cost-effective modules by developing a low-cost method of depositing Nano Hybrid Materials in an array on either  ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) or FTO (Fluoride doped Tin Oxide). Similar novelty method promised for a possible future development of flexible Nano Solar. The company has the knowledge and technical know-how to build the commercial manufacturing line that is believed to produce 2 MW capacity at 40% reduced costs comparable to a silicon production line per megawatt.


The main novelty of the company’s technology lied in its break through development of Nano Material Paste / Nano Ink which are one of the main raw materials to produce the Nano Solar Panel.