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Chairman's Letter

Dear Investor

On behalf of the Board I am pleased to offer you the opportunity to become a CDI Holder in Nanopac Innovation Limited.

Nanopac was recently established as the parent company of the Nanopac Group of companies. The Nanopac Group started and 2001 is principally engaged in the research & development, manufacturing, distributing and servicing of nanotechnology materials and products. Since inception, Nanopac has successfully penetrated into the challenging Nanotechnology business world.

The Group’s major strength lies in its Research & Development in the area of Nanotechnology where it has acquired the right to use patented technology to produce nano materials through a patented synthesis process and in turn, the nano materials can be turned into either unfinished products for industrial use or final products for consumer market.

The Group has now identified a new opportunity to manufacture Nano Solar Cells (NSC). This is an advanced Technology for solar energy generation and is the new 3rd generation solar cell. The Nano Solar Cells can be used to power products such as notebook computers, hand phones, outdoor lights in restaurants, hospitals or hotels. As such the Company anticipates there will be a high demand for the Nano Solar Cells.

In light of this, Nanopac is moving to establish production facilities for the manufacture of Nano Solar Cell (NSC) panels and for the future development of the state of the art flexible NSC Solar Cells. The Group has all the required technology, technical know-how, technology partners and related business skills to start this new business venture. The Company intends to list its CDI’s on the NSX and then in the near future list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange where with access to European markets it will raise additional capital to fund the establishment of the production facilities for NSC products. On behalf of the Directors, I invite you to consider this opportunity to participate in Nanopac’s future. This Information Memorandum contains detailed information about the Offer and I encourage you to read it fully.

I look forward to welcoming you as a CDI Holder.

Yours sincerely,