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Nanopac Innovation Limited Launches Initiatives to Launch Production Facilities for Manufacturing of Nano Solar Cell Panels and Nano Valley Project

Source: MarketWired

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 22, 2015) - Nanopac Innovation Limited, a nanotechnology firm currently trading on the National Stock Exchange of Australia under symbol (NSX: NNO) as well as on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as (FRANKFURT: NNPA.DE) and (FRANKFURT: NNPA.F), accordingly, has identified a new opportunity to manufacture first of its kind Nanotechnology Solar Cells, an advanced technology in the clean and renewable energy sector which can be used to power handheld electronic devices, outdoor lighting for restaurants, hospitals and hotels, as well as a number of other applications.

Nanopac announces today that it will begin initiatives to establish production facilities toward cost-effective development and manufacturing of nanotechnology based solar cells and, that through its subsidiaries, the firm has all of the required resources, including technical know-how and strategic partnerships to begin immediately with this endeavor. The facilities will be housed initially as a Malaysia Nano Valley project development that is fully supported by the Malaysian Government and in partnership with the Malaysian Government.

Nano Valley will attract 18 International top world class researchers and manufacturers in Nanotech to be located in Nano Valley. It is estimated to attract $500 million US dollar and create 10,0000 job opportunity. Nano Valley project will be launched and built in 3 phases in next 5 years. Strategic partners include Korea Institute of Energy Research and the California Institute of Technology's Environmental Engineering department, to name a few.

Nanopac was established as the parent company of the Nanotech Group of companies established in 2001 with bases in Malaysia and Korea and with a focus in the research and development, manufacturing and servicing of nanotechnology materials and products.

Since its inception Nanopac has become a successful player in the challenging Nanotech space, primarily in its acquisition of rights to patented technology which produces nano materials via synthesis, allowing the materials to serve as pliable products for industrial use or final products for consumers.

Nanopac Innovation has also been awarded the prestigious SME100 Award, Hitachi's 'Best Business Partner' Award, and is also recognized as an Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand, endowed with the Honesty Enterprise Keris Product Award in 2014. The most recent awards was received in July 2015 the Socrates Awards by EBA, Oxford, UK for the "Best Enterprise in Nanotechnology" and Top CEO awards. ABOUT NANOPAC INNOVATION: We are a team of highly committed, experienced and qualified Nano-Technology Engineers pursuing a wide range of capabilities of Nano-Technology manufacturing as well as the skills and approvals to design, test and certify. We lead the industry by providing high quality, value added technology based solutions. Clients have included: Hitachi, Sanyo, TCL, Haier, Toshiba Carrier, Samsung, 3M and LG, among others.


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